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Nordic Production Group

NPG unites production factories and service providers of various areas to ensure the satisfaction of clients’ needs with the help of our experiences, competent and professional general contracting, and services to monitor the supply chain.


we are a company providing comprehensive solutions that prioritises the needs of our clients and finds the best possible solution to meet them in every situation.


 to be a leading and recognised general contracting company in Central and Northern Europe


Number of procurements participated in

3.7 years

Average duration of a framework contract


of our clients would recommend us to their partners

4.5 of 5

Based on a survey carried out in January 2023, the customer satisfaction index was

About the company

Nordic Production Group has years of experience of participating in public procurements and fulfilling orders from large enterprises of the private sector. Our team has fulfilled large orders for public agencies as well as become a long-term partner for companies who have entrusted the activities of their entire purchasing department to us. The experience of participating in procurements has given us an excellent overview of the default quality requirements and expectations of Nordic countries. Our broad horizons and the capability of analysing risks grant us an excellent feel for managing a successful supply chain. Our project team includes people from different countries and cultural backgrounds who bring to the team their broad knowledge and skills of business organisation worldwide.

Participation in public procurements

Monitoring suitable procurement opportunities based on the capabilities of our partners. Reviewing procurement documents and requirements for qualification, aggregating legally binding tender documents, and preparing tenders.

Project management and general contracting

Contractual negotiations, coordinating communications, and ensuring the fulfilment of orders. Throughout the years, we have performed projects of various volumes and complexities in various areas and with different products. We always find the best solution for the client, be it assistance in coordinating purchasing activities, product development, designing, choosing production technologies, fulfilling special requests, or planning logistics. The clients’ wishes are our priority and we always consider all preferences, requirements, details, and special requests. We ensure satisfaction through fast and professional customer service, which means that we respond to all enquiries for information and prices within a matter of hours.

Monitoring the supply chain

Potentially suitable production companies go through the checks and audits of our team as well as professionals if necessary. Throughout the entire contractual period, we continuously monitor the compliance of the quality, environment, economic stability, and products of our partner companies with the requirements and conditions of the client.

Managing partners

Our aim is to bring together the client’s demand and the manufacturer’s supply. For this purpose, the goal of our professional team is to find the best manufacturers who can ensure the creation of products compliant with the clients’ requirements at the highest possible quality.

Planning logistics

One part of the comprehensive solution is the safe delivery of finished products to the contracting entity. To ensure that, we provide an opportunity to all of our clients to have their logistical solutions planned by our experienced specialists. We ensure the safe, undamaged delivery of the ordered products – whether that means sending one small pallet to a neighbouring country or organising the planning and execution of transportation solutions of products weighing several hundred tonnes, including organising the required documents (export, import, special permits). The same applies to the global transportation of products with special requirements accompanied by security companies and police escorts.

Products and services

Our strengths

+ Experience

We have years of experience in manufacturing and supplying various products as well as providing related services granting added value to clients from various areas. Our clients include companies from both the private and the public sector.

+ Trust

With thorough checks and relevant contracts, we ensure the reliability of all companies in our supply chain and as a general contractor, we are responsible for the high quality and precise delivery times of the products.

+ Individuality and customer service

Our company’s personnel includes specialists who can take on any new challenge. We respond quickly to your inquiries and are always thorough and professional. There is a manager for each project who is familiar with the specifics and unique features of the project.

+ Holistic solutions

Thanks to the contributions of our specialists and partners, all stages important for carrying out a project, from design to transportation, are managed quickly and conveniently.

Detailed product categories

Personal protective equipment

Disposable Surgical Type IIR Masks

  •  CE-marked
  •  Type IIR according to the EN14683:2019 standard
  •  Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) ≥ 98%
  •  3-layer, attached behind the ears.
  •  The plastic nose clip at the top of the mask allows adjusting the mask softly and smoothly to fit the shape of the nose.
  •  Each box includes instructions for use.
  •  50 masks/box
    Compliance with the standard is confirmed by the manufacturer’s certificate and a European laboratory inspection report.
    The masks are in a box, in a convenient plastic sleeve, which ensures the cleanliness of the masks and allows the masks to be removed one by one.

FFP2 respirators (with a covered valve)

• CE-marked respirators for strong protection (with a covered valve)
• The product complies with the EN149:2001+A2009 NR standard.
• The nose clip, following the shape of the nose at the top of the mask, allows adjusting the mask softly and smoothly to fit the shape of the nose.
• Includes a sweat-absorbent foam strip.
• Fits snugly against the face and adapts to facial movements while speaking.
• Attached behind the ears.
• Each box includes instructions for use.
• 15 masks per box

FFP3 respirators (with a partially covered valve)

• CE-marked respirators for a particularly strong protection (with a partially covered valve)
• The product complies with the EN149:2001+A2009 NR standard.
• The nose clip, following the shape of the nose at the top of the mask, allows adjusting the mask softly and smoothly to fit the shape of the nose.
• Includes a sweat-absorbent foam strip inside the nose and chin parts.
• Fits snugly against the face and adapts to facial movements while speaking.
• Attached to the back of the head.
• Each box includes instructions for use.
• 10 masks per box

Metal and metal products

Finished products and related services

Various metal structure products made from carbon and stainless steel or aluminium. There is also the possibility of ordering laser and plasma cutting, welding, surface treatment, and final assembly. If necessary, CE documentation (pursuant to the ISO 1090 standard) can be provided.

Sheet metal and profile material

High-quality certified sheet metal for production companies:
– Sheets, plates, and profile products of the materials S235 and S355 with various dimensions and thicknesses
– Sheets, plates, and profile products of the materials AISI 304 and AISI 316 with various dimensions and thicknesses
– Aluminium material (sheets and profile products) of series 5000–7000

Reinforcement iron

High-quality certified reinforcement iron, reinforcement mesh, and various reinforcement details for construction. Most widespread thicknesses: 8–32 mm.

Wooden products


Chopped firewood packaged in 60 l and 40 l bags compliant with classes 1 and 2 of the standard NS 4414.


High-quality log material in various lengths and thicknesses. Wood species: pine, spruce, alder, birch, oak, etc.

Sawn timber

Construction sawn timber, such as planks, beams, and trims. High-quality treated or untreated milled wood, fence posts, peeled logs in various lengths and sizes.
Wood species: pine, spruce, alder, birch, oak, etc.

Concrete products

Interlocking concrete blocks

Interlocking concrete blocks that can be dismantled, intended for storage, supporting walls, handling materials, and temporary solutions. Standard dimensions: 800 × 800 × 1,600 and 800 × 800 × 800.

Concrete elements

Various concrete slates and finished products of reinforced concrete intended for use in urban design; special solutions for use in construction.


Biodegradable waste bags

Individual waste bags of varying shapes and sizes required for sorting waste. Thickness: 20–70 μm. Biodegradable pursuant to the standard EN 13432.

LDPE / MDPE / HDPE waste bags

Individual HDPE or LDPE waste bags of varying shapes and sizes required for sorting waste. Thickness: 20–70 μm.

Cardboard boxes and moisture-resistant cardboard boxes

Moisture-resistant cardboard products coated with a polyethylene layer for standard packaging and for specific applications.

Building structures, doors and windows, special components

Bulletproof doors and windows

Fireproof, bulletproof, and theft-resistant single- and double-leaf steel doors with various locking solutions, as well as bulletproof windows and stainless steel work surfaces and post hatches.

Military and law enforcement products

Binoculars for military, border security, and law enforcement authorities

Light, durable, compact, and easy-to-grip hand-held binoculars for professional use. The binoculars are suitable for both tactical and normal use on foot or vehicle patrols in European climatic conditions, providing an equally sharp flat-fielded and distortion-free image from centre to edge. The binoculars have a built-in mechanism that allows easy and efficient adjustment of the interpupillary distance (IPD) using in an outside wheel. Equipped with a range finding feature.

Weapon brackets

A universal weapon bracket suitable for most handguns, developed in collaboration with the Norwegian Armed Forces. The weapon bracket is produced by the Estonian manufacturer Toci OÜ

Razor wire and wire obstacles

Wire obstacles and barbed wire with stakes for military and border guard facilities.


Support services

Providing the additional services required for supplying the aforementioned products – IT solutions, translation projects, provision of design solutions, etc.

Quality and environmental protection

Quality assurance and quality management

Nordic Production Group has been granted the EN ISO 9001 quality management certificate which verifies that we are dedicated to ensuring quality in our work organisation, customer service, and products, and proves that NPG’s management system is compliant with the requirements of the management system standard.

We apply the following guiding principles for ensuring quality:

• We care about the clients’ needs and provide products and services that comply with these needs and satisfy the clients.
• We deliver on the promises we have given.
• We work in accordance with the legislation of the countries we trade with.
• We consider our environmental impact in fulfilling orders.
• We only cooperate with partners who are reliable and can fulfil our orders. It is important to us for the production of our partners to be based on generally recognised quality management policies.

We involve audit offices to carry out quality management, if necessary, such as TÜV Nord, SGS, Bureau Veritas, as well as testing laboratories of various recognised universities and certification centres from Estonia and Scandinavia.

Fair trade and social responsibility

Cooperation with our partners takes place on the basis of the principles of fair trade. We are dedicated to following and implementing fair trade policies and require all of our partners to follow the same principles. We are convinced that only fair and transparent trade ensures successful long-term relations and cooperation and creates the required traceability in the marketing chain.

We care about the environment

Nordic Production Group has been granted the EN ISO 14001 environmental management certificate which verifies that we have a systematic approach to environmental matters, have developed our environmental policy, and have defined our environmental goals as well as action plans to achieve those goals. The guiding principles of our environmental policy are:
• Environmental sustainability – we use all means and materials in an environmentally sustainable manner and constantly develop a way of thinking and activities to prevent polluting and manufacture and provide services in a cleaner way. We keep our personnel up to date on environmental problems and solutions thereof.
• Availability of information – we ensure the availability of information regarding our environmental impact to all interested parties (personnel, partners, clients).
• Waste management – we sort the waste created at the company and use all opportunities available for recycling. We make sure that our environmental footprint is as small as possible.

• Using renewable energy – whenever possible, we use renewable energy resources – in 2015, we installed solar panels manufactured by the Norwegian company REC, which produce approximately 25% of the power consumed by our production units. Solar panels help us to decrease power consumption and make our production even more environmentally friendly.

We require all of our current and future partners to follow and comply with all quality and environmental principles described above.

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